Classic to Lightning Checklist

By: Amit Chaudhary @amit_sfdc

Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience is a new, modern user interface. Lightning Experience includes many new feature and entirely redesigned pages, but not every Salesforce feature is supported in Lightning Experience.

 Things to consider before you start:

1)  Check which org is qualified for Lighting

2) Evaluate Your Org

Go to Setup -> "Lightning Experience" then click on evaluate button

Then check your report.

1. Start Learning JavaScript

While working on VF pages we might not get a chance to use the JavaScript  fully because VF pages component has native javascript functionalities like dynamic refresh element  , button click events, action function etc. If you're not familiar with JavaScript then start learning javaScript.

2. Business logic

We are using  VF page as UI (view) and apex class for business logic but in the lightning component, We need to write all our business logic at client side with in the lightning component and use apex classes  as server side component to perform DML operations.

3. UI

Mostly VF page tag provide the native salesforce classic UI but in the lightning component we need to use lightning design to get salesforce lightning experience for our components. So be aware of lightning design system when you begin your development.

A lightning component bundle consists of several attributes.